Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Change of language

I decided to change the language of my blog because I have a poor response from readers, no more spanish in posts, from now and so it will be written in english. So welcome to the sexytype!


johno said...

Great news (for me). I had to use 'Google translate' before, and the translations weren't always so good. I really look forward to the next post.

Natxo said...

Llegué tarde, felicidades por tu blog, altamente interesante... de un tiempo a esta parte estoy aficionando a la tipografía y hasta ahora había encontrado pocas cosas en español... But this does not matter we can use english instead..

Jonathan said...

You just gained me !

Elí said...

Thanks a lot friends! I promise more posts soon!

Amogh said...

Hi Eli,
thanx for changing the language!!
i liked your blog.
i really liked the way you've sketched a type which is inspired from the arches in your post "De cómo nació una letra (primera parte) "
Can you please translate that in english?


Elí said...

Sure, it will be translated as soon as posible.

Colectivo Zape said...


Ok, no hay pedo, pero chale, con tan pocos blogs en español que aborden seriamente la tipografía. Ya ni pedo dijo Alfredo y ya ni Pedro dijo Pablo.

But a new language always is welcome(si no se escribe así, ni modo).
Chido carnal, entonces ahí nos´tamos wachando.

Elí said...

The positive aspect is that u can practice your english brother. Cheers!