Friday, November 14, 2008

A brand For Urban & Architectonic Design

Some days ago I decided to design a brand for my workgroup, they are mostly interested in architecture and enginering (I am the exception because I'm a graphic designer), the group's name is Diseño Urbano & Arquitectónico, I had been thinking about this brand for two months, so when I started to sketch the letters it was quite natural to approach to the result.
I tried to make reference to buildings and accurate traces and I drew the letters inside a square net, the letters were supposed to be monolinear, but when I saw the result, some parts looked thiner than others, then I remembered something a teacher said to me:
If you want it monolinear, you have to do it non monolinear.
I adjusted the thickness and after that I selected Bell Gothic Std for the text below, but I had to make some changes in the I, the Q and the Ñ. This is the result.


Isaias said...


¿Viste que la misma forma de "D" y "U" te podía funcionar para "A"?

Solo como juego visual :P


Elí said...

Sí lo chequé pero no me convenció. Grax por el tip. Abrazo profeta.