Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy type holidays!

It's supposed that this blog is about typography, maybe this post is a little out of the topic.
When I knew that the python language existed I began to look for some information about it & found Drawbot an application, developed by Just van Rossum, to begin to learn how to program in python. Looking up for more information I found some excercises from the students fo Type&Media in The Hague and some of them were patterns, sadly that website no longer exists, but I have some examples of the works.


Well well, but what does a picture of fireworks mean in this blog? When I saw the exercises with Drawbot I inmediatly remembered fireworks because in my city this is a job made by craftsmen & I'm used to see this kind of patterns. I plan to develop in python something like this.
By the way...
Happy holidays!

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